Sunday, September 11, 2011

Loreto Rosaries: Call me a satisifed customer!

A few weeks ago, I mentioned Loreto Rosaries in a post.  The rosaries and rosary bracelets on Ruth's site were beautiful, and I was ESPECIALLY fond of the Red Creek Jasper rosary bracelet.

I couldn't take it anymore.

I had to order the Red Creek Jasper rosary bracelet.  I had been given two rosary bracelets on the night of my baptism and confirmation back in 2005.  My sister-in-law gave me one, and my husband (then fiance!) gave me the other.  I loved wearing them, but I haven't worn much jewelry after having kids.  Ruth makes her rosaries and rosary bracelets a different way--and they withstand a LOT more grabbing by small hands than the rosaries made with chain--and I've been too scared to break something so special given to me on such a special night!

I ordered the rosary bracelet, and I was SO excited when it came.

I must say the first thing that impressed me was the packaging.  A tiny brown box with "Uniquely Made, Limited Edition" was stamped on the top of the lid. 

Inside was a small pouch containing the BEAUTIFUL Red Creek Jasper rosary bracelet.

I was a little nervous that it wouldn't fit (Ruth explained that I should measure my wrist and then add an inch--that's how you know what size to buy!), but it fits perfectly!

I just happened to be wearing an outfit with shades of brown the day it arrived, and the rosary bracelet matched perfectly with the outfit.

Today I wore gray and black, and the rosary bracelet STILL managed to match the outfit--I love versatile jewelry!

Besides the look of the rosary bracelet, do you want to know what my favorite part about it is?

The fact that I actually want to pray rosary decades because the bracelet is so pretty.  I had once heard that a good way to start praying the rosary is to find a rosary that you REALLY like because you will be more likely to want to pray with it. 

I photographed a wedding this weekend, and it was a wedding with a Solemn High Mass.  During the Mass, I refrained from taking photos.  Instead, I prayed a few decades of the rosary for the bride and groom using the beads on the bracelet.  I can't wait to get it blessed!

My only issue now is how my 2 year-old and 10 month-old constanly want to mess with it--my 2 year-old said, "It's so pretty, Mom.  I just want to LOOK at it!"  when I tried to move my wrist out of the way.

Ruth has a wonderful eye for color, and the rosary bracelet was affordable AND beautifully made--I will definitely be returning to Loreto Rosaries in the future.  My only problem:  Rainbow Jasper or African Jade....tough call!

Thank you so much, Ruth!  May God bless you!

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Ruth said...

Dear Delena, thank you so much for such an awesome customer review. I'm so happy that you are pleased with the rosary bracelet. It was my pleasure to make it for you. May Our Lady bless you abundantly!